Welcome to the Kaska Dena Council

The Kaska Dena Council was formed as a Society in 1981 to advance interests of Kaska individuals who are potential beneficiaries of a treaty settlement with Canada and British Columbia. The Kaska Dena Council has 9 directors which includes 3 elected executive officers.

The purpose of the Kaska Dena Council includes:

  • Represent the interests of all Kaska Dena, especially with respect to the negotiation and settlement of the Kaska Dena land claim
  • Promote and protect respect for the land and cultural heritage of the Kaska Dena
  • Promote unity and sharing amongst all Kaska
  • Assist in the delivery of services including social, economic, cultural and educational programs to Kaska Dena communities
  • Promote a community environment wherein all Kaska people can enjoy physical and spiritual health and live with dignity and pride
  • Work toward the recognition and protection of the aboriginal rights of all Canadian Indigenous people
  • Do all things necessary to achieve the foregoing objectives

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