Kaska Dena Council Negotiators

Dave Porter, Kaska Dena Council Chief Negotiator

Dave_PorterDave Porter spent the first seven years of his life on a trapline near Good Hope Lake, British Columbia. His education included Lower Post Indian Residential School, F.H. Collins Secondary School in Whitehorse, Confederation College in Thunder Bay and Pre-Law at the University of British Columbia.

Mr. Porter was founding Chairman of Northern Native Broadcasting, Yukon and was elected as Vice-Chair of the Council for Yukon Indians through two terms (1978–1982), holding several portfolios including Land Claims, Housing and Economic Development.

In 1982, Mr. Porter was elected to the Yukon Legislature and upon re-election in 1985 he served as Deputy Premier. He has also served as Minister of Renewable Resources, Tourism, Heritage and Culture, and Minister Responsible for Constitutional Devolution.

After leaving the Legislature, Mr. Porter was named Executive Director of the Yukon Human Rights Commission, then Deputy Minister of Culture and Communications for the Government of the Northwest Territories.

In the 1990s, Mr. Porter served as Assistant Deputy Minister of Aboriginal Affairs for the British Columbia government. He later led the Fur Industry European Lobby on behalf of the Governments of Canada and the United States.

Mr. Porter was also the first Oil and Gas Commissioner in British Columbia, where he strived to build an open environment that would bring various interests in the province to a common table.

In 2002, Mr. Porter was elected Chair of the Kaska Dena Council, with a special commitment to preserve Kaska culture and create greater opportunity for Kaska youth.

Mr. Porter was elected to the three member political executive of the First Nations Summit, the Summit Task Group, in June 2004. The Task Group is authorized by the Summit to carry out specifically mandated tasks on issues related to treaty negotiations in British Columbia. The First Nations Summit, which is comprised of a majority of First Nations and Tribal Councils in BC, provides a forum for First Nations in British Columbia to address issues related to Treaty negotiations as well as other issues of common concern.

Mr. Porter currently serves as the CEO of the BC First Nations Energy and Mining Council.

Bill Lux, Kaska Dena Council Assistant Negotiator

billBill Lux was born in Kaska Dena Traditional Territory, and is a member of the Dease River First Nation. Mr. Lux has held his current position as Assistant Negotiator for the Kaska Dena Council since 2008.

He serves as a Board Member on the Muskwa-Kechika Advisory Board and has been involved in a number of different processes related to Lands and Resources over the last 15 years.

Mr. Lux was elected Vice-Chair of the Kaska Dena Council in the position of Lands and Resources for three years prior to accepting the position as Assistant Negotiator.

Mr. Lux lives in Good Hope Lake and continues to enjoy Kaska traditions including hunting, fishing, and being out on the land.