Our History

Kaska History and Cultural Research Training Project thumbnailKaska Dena have lived in over 240,000 square kilometres of land in the southeast Yukon, southern Northwest Territories, and north-western British Columbia for tens of thousands of years; long before both recorded history and the existence of provincial land and territorial borders.

While we have always viewed ourselves as one Nation, provincial and territorial borders now separate Kaska families, and Kaska have been divided into Bands by the Indian Act.  The five traditional Kaska groups are now referred to as First Nations.

The Kaska First Nations in British Columbia are: the Dease River First Nation at Good Hope Lake, the Daylu Dena Council at Daylu (Lower Post), and the Kwadacha Nation at Fort Ware, north of Prince George.

The Kaska First Nations in Yukon are: the Liard First Nation at Watson Lake, and the Ross River Dena Council at Ross River.

Kaska History