Chee Ventures Limited

Chee Ventures Limited was established in 2002 with the purpose of managing and developing tourism resources, and economic development opportunities for Kaska Dena.

Chee Ventures has 2 tourism holdings: Dechenla Lodge and Wilderness Resort and Turnagain Guide Outfitting.



Dechenla Lodge & Wilderness Resort

Dechenla Lodge and Wilderness Resort is located just across the Yukon border in the Northwest Territories. Dechen la' is an Aboriginal word meaning “the land at the end of the sticks”. This was a special place to both the Kaska and Sahtu aboriginal people, the traditional stewards of the area.


Turnagain Guide Outfitting Territory

Turnagain Guide Outfitting Territory and the 8 camp facilities on it covers approximately 3,000 square miles and is situated in the Kaska Dena Traditional Territory.


Chee Ventures Limited