Ne’ah’ Booklet

Ne’ah’ – The Kaska Dena's Horseranch Area

DKI-CPAWS2009Ne-ah-Kaska-Dena-Horseranch-Area-11May2009-Booklet-CoverSince human beings have inhabited this landscape, we have been here. As long as human beings inhabit this landscape, we will remain here. Our occupancy of this land establishes both our right and our responsibility to ensure this land remains intact and able to support our people and culture. A long north-south range, spanning 40 kilometres, the Kaska name for the Horseranch, Ne’āh’, means ‘it is long.’ It is the place where animals go to get fat. While the Horseranch Range has long been identified by the Kaska Dena as well as others as a place of special significance, we insist it is now time to protect Ne’āh’ in its entirety in order to protect a broad diversity of resources and values that are critical to our culture and our economic opportunities within our homeland.