Incremental Treaty Agreement (ITA)

ITA 2013 BC KDC signed April 10 2013 thumbnailOn April 10, 2013, Kaska Dena Council, supported by Band Council Resolutions from the BC Kaska Dena Nations – Daylu Dena Council, Dease River First Nation, and Kwadacha Nation, signed an Incremental Treaty Agreement with the Province of British Columbia.

An Incremental Treaty Agreement (ITA) is not a Treaty. It is a legal pre-Treaty Agreement that advances treaty related benefits to a First Nation, and can serve as a milestone on the way to achieving a Final Agreement.

Under the KDC Incremental Treaty Agreement, the Province will transfer 10 Crown land parcels, comprising 607 hectares, to the Kaska Dena First Nations for economic development purposes. The lands will be transferred as private lands (fee simple) and will remain under the complete ownership of Kaska Dena.

Kaska Dena ITA Lands

  1. Lower Post Mill
  2. Old Faddy
  3. Rapid River
  4. Good Hope Lake
  5. Troutline Intake
  6. Troutline Powerhouse
  7. Obo Lake Camp
  8. Fort Ware North
  9. Finbow
  10. Turnagain River

Maps of these lands can be found in Schedule 1 of the Incremental Treaty Agreement. 

View the Maps (Schedule 1)
Read the Press Release